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Scott Clarke, MSFS, CFP, ChFC, RICP, NSSA

Scott Clarke, MSFS, CFP, ChFC, RICP, NSSA


Our Focus:  Transitional Financial Planning

In 2003, we shifted our practice to focus on, and better serve, our clients in transition. These changes included better understanding the needs of our divorced and widowed clients. In addition to our CFP® (Certified Financial Planner™) designation, we became experts in Divorce Analysis and added a CDFA designation (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst).

Since then, our firm has developed a best practice process for our clients in transition: The Summit Transition Plan©. This plan helps our clients fully understand their current situation, their options for the future, and how all aspects of their finances can work together to help them reach their specific goals. A key part of this plan includes a framework for working with other professionals on your team. This might include estate attorneys, insurance advisors, or CPA’s from your business.

We consider it an honor to serve our clients. To help them through the difficult times and also to celebrate with them as they achieve their goals and dreams. So, whether you just have a question that needs to be addressed or you are interested in a long term financial relationship, we are here to help.