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Summit Private Wealth Management offers 3 levels of services to help you answer all those “what if” financial questions that life’s big transitions like divorce, loss of a loved one, or a job change bring -- so whether you are looking for free educational resources, need some short-term financial guidance, or prefer long-term financial planning, we’ve got something for you.

Level 1

Summit Base Camp:

Free resources and
educational opportunities for those who want
to learn more about useful financial topics

Our free Summit Base Camp services help you gather the practical financial information you need when times get tough. Here’s what we offer:

     1. Post-divorce checklist

Few things in life are as stressful and overwhelming as a divorce. Use this checklist to help set yourself straight on what you need to do to secure your financial future beyond divorce. Download check-list here, or request for a copy to be mailed to you.

    2. Moving Forward Financially Workshops

Summit offers free monthly workshops that anyone is welcome to attend. You don’t have to be financially savvy to join us - we’ll cover basic, yet important financial topics in easy-to-understand language. See our workshop schedule here.

     3. Moving Forward Financially Newsletters

If you aren’t able to join us for any of the workshops or would like to learn even more, then sign up for our Moving Forward Financially email newsletters to receive practical financial info straight to your inbox. Join the list here.

     4. Baby Boomer’s Guide to Social Security

Confused about your Social Security Benefits?  Help educate yourself with our free resource, The Baby Boomers Guide to Social Security Benefits.  This guide will help you understand, plan, and coordinate your Social Security Benefit with other retirement resources to help maximize your retirement income.  Request a free hardcopy of this resource.

     5. Savvy Parents’ Guide to Cutting College Costs

The cost of college is not cheap!  This resource provides key concepts you must consider when making college planning decisions.   Resource includes: How to discover real college costs; How to qualify for the full federal educational tax credit; How investments impact financial aid; How grandparents can save for a child’s education without jeopardizing the child’s chances for financial aid; Understanding the meaning of “demonstrated financial need” and many more concepts.  Request a free hardcopy of this resource.

      6. Health Care Quick Reference Guide - Medicare for 65+

Health care is on people's minds. Whether you are over 65 or under 65, a simple, clear, objective roadmap of what to do next and how to pick the health insurance plan that fits is provided in this Health Care Quick Reference Guide Medicare for Individuals 65+. Download reference guide here

      7. New Retirement Rules - Secure Act of 2019

The biggest retirement-related legislation in over a decade finally became law at the tail end of 2019. Some of the biggest changes will impact you like the following: the ability to contribute to IRAs after age 70, use of 529 accounts to pay off student loans, penalty-free withdrawals for new parents, 401(k) plans for part-time workers, no "forced" IRA spending until age 72 just to name a few of the changes. Download New Retirement Rules - Secure Act of 2019 here.

Level 2

Summit Transition Planning:

Short-term guidance with long-term
outcomes for those who need some
step-by-step help with their financial lives
during a change

If you are undergoing a big transition in your life and feel a little lost, Summit Transition Planning can help. Together, we’ll look at all aspects of your finances and create a fully-customized plan that gives you the steps you need to reach your financial goals and a secure future.

     1. Comprehensive Financial Planning

Here are just a few of the parts of your finances we can work with:

  • Present financial situation (including your net worth and cash flow)
  • Protection & insurance planning
  • Investment planning
  • Tax planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Post-divorce planning
  • Post-family death planning

The first step in Summit Transition Planning is joining us for a free first consultation meeting. There’s no need to bring anything to this meeting other than your thoughts and, unlike other financial planning firms, we promise you won’t hear an uncomfortable sales pitch at the end of the consultation nor be asked to sign a check or any lengthy contracts.

Instead, we’ll spend the first consultation meeting getting to know you by talking about what’s important to you and finding out your financial goals and concerns. We’ll also share a little bit about ourselves along the way.

You can see more about what to expect in the first consultation meeting below:

If we’re a good match, we can decide together to move forward with future meetings. Future meetings will be dedicated to taking a more detailed look at your finances, offering recommendations and projections, and developing a step-by-step plan so you’ll know exactly what you need to do.

     2. Summit Transition Planning Advisory Services

Although many financial planners may push you to invest with them so they can get their commission checks, Summit will never do the same. Our first goal is getting you on track with the right financial plan, and investment advising services are always secondary. However, if you would like some guidance with your investments, we’re more than happy to help. Just please note that this a 100% voluntary option during your Summit Transition Planning and not something we’ll ever pressure you to do

If you’d like to set up your free first consultation meeting for Summit Transition Planning, Click Request Consultation.

Level 3

Staying on Course to the Summit

ongoing financial planning for
those who’d like check-ins to make sure
they’re following the right financial path

If our clients want to keep working with us beyond the few months of Summit Transition Planning, we also offer ongoing Staying on Course to the Summit Planning.

Here’s what we offer our Staying on Course to the Summit Planning clients:

    1. Ongoing Service Meetings

For long-term clients, we’ll schedule several service meetings yearly. We’ll use these meetings to see how your financial plan progress is going, evaluate if we need to change the plan at all, and make sure you’re staying on task and on track to reach your financial goals.

    2. Client Appreciation Events

Although you might not expect it from a financial planning institution, we like to have non-financial fun with our clients! Whether that’s attending a movie premiere or hosting a paint night, we’ll organize several client appreciation events yearly so we can connect with you on a more personal level, and you can connect with others also going through difficult life transitions.

    3. Monthly email updates  

We want to help you understand and feel comfortable with all those tricky financial topics we talk about in our meetings together. After all, we know they can be intimidating! That’s why we send out an educational email a few times monthly talking about things like taxes, planning for retirement, and market updates. Then, you can understand a bit more about what we do and bring us your questions for the next time you see us.

If you think Staying on Course to the Summit Planning is for you, the first step will be arranging the same first consult we have for our Summit Transition Planning clients.

Click Request Consultation to set up your free first consult.