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Why Choose Scott?

Personalized Service – Scott is passionate about helping his clients understand their investments and reach their financial goals. He believes that the relationship between financial advisor and client is an important one and should be the right “fit” for both parties.

Scott limits his practice to approximately 50 clients, so he is able to focus on personalized service. Most of his clients are higher net worth individuals focused on long-term financial growth, rather than short-term picks and trades.

Scott’s main focus is Transition Wealth Management: helping individuals invest, manage, and budget new income distributions from divorce proceedings, inheritances, settlements, and business sales or proceeds.

Independence – Summit Private Wealth Management is not affiliated with any bank, brokerage firm, or insurance company. This means we have the flexibility to find the best products and solutions that work for you…and we’re committed to doing just that.

No Hidden Costs – Traditional advisors sell products for up-front commissions and are influenced to push company products and funds. Scott Clarke Wealth Management works solely for you and your financial well being. This helps to further remove harmful conflicts of interest and helps you to get the advice, results, and support you deserve.